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/// DESIGN TROTTER / Porto  —  Portugal                                                 Porto  —  Portugal / DESIGN TROTTER ///

                                                      The objective is clear: to help each tenant or owner
                                                      recruit and retain the greatest talent, by offering an
 Pop                                                  ideal environment and guaranteeing well-being. Two
 STAR                                                 under construction and will house stores, restaurants,
                                                      buildings have already been delivered — the third is
                                                      and leisure and sports facilities — over a total surface
                                                      area of 31,086m , spread across 9 stories and three
                                                      levels of underground parking, set within an urban
 PORTO OFFICE PARK                                    park of 15,000m . The border between interiors and
 PORTO (PORTUGAL)                                       exteriors is barely perceptible, thanks to vegetal
 BROADWAY MALYAN                                           walls and stone and wood finishing, which
                                                              further emphasizes the glass and aluminum
                                                                 façades with their vertical fins.

 Office buildings, green shady parks, slick design
 and services a-go-go all vying for attention...
 POP — Porto Office Park — is constantly being
 nominated for awards. Rated "BREEAM Excellent"
 and voted best new office of 2020 in the Expresso
 Real Estate Awards, the project by Broadway
 Malyan is fast becoming a new reference in
 workspace in Porto, Portugal.

 8                                                                                                                     9

                                                                                             DELABIE products installed:
                                                                            TEMPOSOFT 2 time flow taps (Refs. 740500 + 741500)
                                                                                  TEMPOMIX time flow shower kit (Ref. 790006)
                                                                                    TEMPOSTOP 2 time flow tap (Ref. 702400)
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